Meet Our Sleep Apnea Team – Scottsdale, AZ

Combining Passion with Skill

Three Scottsdale sleep apnea team members in black dresses sitting in wooden chairs on beach

We’re proud of the level of service that we bring to our patients. You’ll be able to see for yourself the kind of care and professionalism we have to offer whenever you visit our practice for an appointment. However, we don’t want to give you the idea that we take ourselves overly seriously; we want our practice to be a place where patients can relax, and it’s not unusual to hear laughter during your visit. Start getting ready for your first appointment now by learning more about our wonderful Scottsdale sleep apnea team members in the short biographies below.

Lesia, Co-Owner/Treatment Coordinator

Lesia in black dress leaning against balcony railing

Lesia has been in the dental field for nearly three decades, and 20 of those years have been spent working with Dr. Layman. She enjoys how her job gives her the chance to continually meet new people, and she is always happy to help patients find the sleep solutions they’ve been looking for. Lesia was originally a dental assistant, but eventually found that she enjoyed working in the front office where (to use her words) “patients are safer.” She is also a co-founder of the GoGoBilling medical billing company.

Lesia and her husband Jason have a wonderful son named Greyson as well as two pugs. Her hobbies include arranging flowers, gardening, and cooking vegan dinners.

Angela, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Marketing Officer

Angela with balcony green trees and rock face in background

Angela has a strong passion for helping patients manage their sleep apnea; in fact, she has been in the field of dental sleep medicine for more than 20 years. She is happy to be working with a team that shares her dedication to treating sleep-disordered breathing. She has a wide range of clinical skills such as patient care, tomography, using a Trios scanner, and the hands-on lab fabrication and quality control of oral appliances. She also has experience working at the front office and has expertise in marketing, practice management, and more.

Angela currently lives with Bradley along with their puppy Colton. She loves to bake whenever she has the time. She also likes to go for walks, take hikes, go fishing, and just generally spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun.

Cristy, Administrative Director

Cristy in brown dress with small mountain in background

Cristy knows how important a good night’s sleep is for a happy life, which is why she wants to ensure that our patients get the best possible care. In the past, she has worked as a Sleep Apnea Coordinator. She was also an Office Manager for a practice that focused on TMJ treatment.

Cristy is originally from the Philippines. Her stepfather was in the Navy, so she had the opportunity to live in many different places all over the world. Nowadays, her interests include weightlifting, shopping, hiking, swimming, going on road trips, and spending time with her husband.

Ulysio, Scottsdale Front Office Manager

Ulysio in black dress shirt and colorful tie standing on balcony

Ulysio enjoys having the opportunity to show the patients that visit our office how they can put their sleep and snoring problems behind them. He went to Hampton University as well as the University of Illinois, and his background includes both office management and medical billing for dentists. He loves spending time with his friends and family whenever he’s not at work.

Monica, Prior Authorizations

Monica in black dress and purple sash standing on balcony in sunglasses

Monica loves how her job lets her work with a wide variety of patients and the wonderful individuals on our team. She has been thoroughly trained when it comes to medical billing for dentists, particularly where sleep medicine is concerned.

Monica was born in a small mining town in Ottawa, Canada, close to the Arctic Circle. When she is not on the job helping us provide quality sleep solutions, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Nichelle, Clinical Director

Nichelle in black blouse and silver necklaces on balcony

Nichelle has more than three decades of experience under her belt, and she has been part of our team for nearly 20 years. She enjoys seeing the looks on the faces of our patients after they’ve been able to enjoy truly restful sleep again. She trained to be a dental assistant at Orange Coast Community College. Even after graduation, she has completed numerous advanced training courses.

Nichelle has enjoyed over 30 happy years of marriage, and she and her husband are proud to have a beautiful daughter named Kiely. Her hobbies include camping, traveling, going for hikes, and attending her monthly book club.

Morgan L, Physician Assistant (PA)

morgan l

Bio Coming Soon!

Tanya, Billing

Tanya in black dress smiling on balcony

Tanya considers herself lucky to be part of such a wonderful team. She works to make the billing process as easy as possible for our patients. She graduated from Creighton University and Arizona State University. She previously worked in drag racing and aerospace manufacturing before eventually entering the dental field.

Tanya enjoys spending time with her daughter and son. She also likes to ride her Harley and go skiing when she has a chance.

Anitra, Wellness Coordinator

Anitra wearing black dress and standing on balcony

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Jessica, Front Office Specialist

Jessica credits her ability to consistently bring our patients high-quality service to being part of such a wonderful team that allows her to do her best work on a regular basis. She worked as a medical assistant and allergy technician for eight years before she eventually came to our office.

Living with her husband, their four children, a dog, four cats, and a cockatiel means that Jessica always finds herself busy. When not at the office, she likes to volunteer at a number of cat rescues. Of course, she also values the time she gets to spend at home.

Morgan, Wellness Coordinator

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Debra, Wellness Coordinator

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Emilia, Glendale Front Office Manager

Emilia is always eager to have a conversation and truly engage with our patients, so she’s a joy to talk to whether you’re getting scheduled or asking a question. A graduate of Gateway Community College, she worked with a TMJ specialist before joining our team.

Emilia is kept very busy by her young son, so her weekends often consist of her taking him to soccer. She also likes to shop, get her nails done, garden, and dance! Her long-term goal is to have a farm with a wide variety of animals, plants, and trees that she’ll take care of.!

Nickie, Mesa Front Office

Nicole finds that one of the best parts of her job is that no two days are alike; she’s constantly learning something new. She has experience in a number of fields, including first aid, phlebotomy, and business schooling. She attended Prima Community College and graduated as a dental assistant.

When Nicole isn’t at work or spending time with her four children, she enjoys volunteering within her community. She has a deep love of the water, and she hopes to have the chance to feed sharks someday. She likes to go traveling whenever she has the opportunity.

Cristina, Billing Representative

Having more than 10 years of experience in medical billing, Cristina is well-equipped to assist our patients in getting the coverage they need so they can receive the treatments they deserve. She has enjoyed over 15 years of marriage to her husband Juan. Together, they have a daughter as well as a son. The entire family enjoys making trips to see Arizona’s national landmarks. As for Cristina herself, she always loves having the chance to try a new recipe.

Callie, Wellness Coordinator

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Jackie, Wellness Coordinator

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Savvannah, Benefits Department

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Hannah, Wellness Coordinator

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