Types of Oral Appliances – Scottsdale, AZ

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Gloved hands holding model of mouth with oral appliances over the teeth

No oral appliance is perfectly suited for every patient. At GoTo Sleep Center - Scottsdale, you’ll have many different appliances to choose from, each provided by a brand that is well-known and trusted by sleep experts. This page describes the various oral appliances in Scottsdale that we offer and the benefits they provide. To find out which one of these options is best for you, we invite you to click below to set up a free consultation with our team of passionate, knowledgeable sleep apnea experts.

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Clear oral appliance

Prosomnus is one of the top oral appliances used to treat sleep apnea. The materials and features of each appliance significantly boost the control that doctors have when treating their patients. Not only can Prosomnus appliances be made to fit your specific teeth, but they are also very small and are notable for how easy it is to use them to keep the airway free of obstruction.


Light pink oral appliance

Each SomnoMed appliance is made of a strong yet flexible plastic that offers durability while also being very gentle on your gums and other soft oral tissues. The comfort they offer makes it easier for patients to wear them regularly and enjoy more restful sleep. There’s no denying the benefits of a SomnoMed appliance; we’ve seen many patients use them to successfully overcome snoring along with other symptoms related to sleep apnea.


Person holding set of white oral appliances in their hand

Among sleep apnea oral appliances, Panthera is one of the smallest as well as one of the most comfortable. It’s thin and light, and it’s often a good fit for people who have had trouble using other oral appliances in the past. But don’t think its smaller size makes it any less reliable. Panthera appliances are still very durable and quite capable of making the necessary adjustments to the position of your jaw.


White oral appliance

The adjustments made by a Serena oral appliance tend to be small, but they can go a long way. Efficiency is the goal; each appliance is designed to take up as little room as possible in the mouth while also giving doctors a lot of control in repositioning the jaw. Patients who wear Serena appliances can expect to see excellent results in the long run.